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i love GIRLS and i love when girls LOVE THEMSELVES and i love when girls LOVE OTHER GIRLS and this is so AMAZING 

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Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams at the Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Party Photobooth.

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Please watch this.

British journalist Jon Snow sums up the crisis in Gaza in three minutes.

He explains what he saw and the reality of the situation.

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Mary Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell


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Literary Word Count Infographic: http://shortlist.com/entertainment/books/literary-word-count-infographic

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i’m very stressed out right now and i discovered that that stuff they say about dogs being able to sense their owner’s unhappiness is definitely true, my puppy was laying down on my bed and i just kind of broke down and cried and he turned towards me, got up and licked the tears off of my face…..true love

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i still have no idea if something happened to her arms or if she was just born without them but i got bored and i found this so

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I’ve recently read an article where Kit Harington said he wants to see more male nudity on the show.

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Who are the badass women that inspire you? Lena Headey, who plays Cersei on Game of thrones.

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Tatiana tears up as a fan thanks Tatiana and the show for giving her the courage to come out and for writing Cosima as a character who is more than her sexuality. (x)

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my aesthetic is natalie dormer’s lip thing

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A Masterclass in Acting: A Novel by Tatiana Maslany

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Steven’s most memorable fan gift

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