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john krasinski making high pitched noises

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This is one of the best scenes because it shows how multifaceted Michael’s character actually is. No one else cared about Sprinkles, least of all Dwight who should have cared the most, but Michael cared. The last person we would expect to care, cared. This is just like Pam’s art show where no one else showed up except the last person we would expect: Michael. He cares for all of the people in his office so deeply but he has no idea how to communicate it or treat them professionally except in these little blips where we see how much of his life is invested in these people.

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i literally have to move back to school in 2 weeks……………so many conflicting emotions right now

Franz Kafka, the story goes, encountered a little girl in the park where he went walking daily. She was crying. She had lost her doll and was desolate.

Kafka offered to help her look for the doll and arranged to meet her the next day at the same spot. Unable to find the doll he composed a letter from the doll and read it to her when they met.

"Please do not mourn me, I have gone on a trip to see the world. I will write you of my adventures." This was the beginning of many letters. When he and the little girl met he read her from these carefully composed letters the imagined adventures of the beloved doll. The little girl was comforted.

When the meetings came to an end Kafka presented her with a doll. She obviously looked different from the original doll. An attached letter explained: “my travels have changed me… “

Many years later, the now grown girl found a letter stuffed into an unnoticed crevice in the cherished replacement doll. In summary it said: “every thing that you love, you will eventually lose, but in the end, love will return in a different form.”

May Benatar, Kafka and the Doll: The Pervasiveness of Loss

For me there are two wise lessons in this story: Grief and loss are ubiquitous even for a young child. And the way toward healing is to look for how love comes back in another form. - May Benatar

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is this really happening

im hyperventilating

15-year-old me: MOM I'm practically an ADULT ugggh you never let me do ANYTHING in olden times i could get MARRIED *eye roll into another dimension*
me now: for my birthday i want food and to stay on your health insurance
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Michael, do you remember, you specifically told me to only bring one sheet of paper? You said it only takes one sheet to make a difference. And I said, “Are you sure Michael?” And you said “Pam! Pam! Pam!” And then you sneezed in my tea, and then you said, “Don’t worry, it’s just allergies.” Do you remember that?



Bless that one person in every group that is like “keep going, I’m listening” and encourages you to finish your story even when everyone else is talking over you.

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PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello look amazing at friends’ wedding

"Look, I need you to read and sign the employee manual. Details a lot of the workplace policies. One of them is, um, proper workplace attire."

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